Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the heart of luxury with Sofitel.

Every frame intricately crafted, revealing the timeless tales of Sofitel Legend through stop motion and collage. Immerse yourself in the artistry, where each moment unfolds a chapter of opulence.

Jump into historical heritage, local cultures and french art-de-vivre in the celebration of unparalleled luxury.

We conducted an iconographic research project in collaboration with the Sofitel teams to visually capture the unique ambiance of each hotel.

Once these resources were compiled, we added a dreamlike touch to the compositions, referencing the legendary cultural heritage of the six hotels across the world.

In collaboration with Paul Floc'h, we then brought the various styleframes to life, creating a contrast of fluidity between different elements within a scene. 

This allowed us to further develop the artistic direction of the film, extending into these animation techniques.


Mélanie laffiac
arnaud longueville
creative direction
adrien pasquet
art direction
adrien pasquet
paul floc'h
paul floc'h
music & sound design