Polvo presents a powerful film montage for Pierre & Vacances, an esteemed hospitality and travel brand. Through captivating visuals, we answer the question: "Why are we essential to the happiness of people from yesterday, today, and tomorrow?"

Rosa Paris's stunning footage has been skillfully and meticulously crafted to showcase edited to showcase the brand's offerings while conveying its profound impact on people's lives. Each scene was carefully selected and woven together to deliver a powerful narrative, revealing how P&V has been an integral part of countless joyous moments throughout time.

Through this collaborative project, we aimed to evoke a profound emotional connection between the audience and the Pierre & Vacances brand. We wanted viewers to feel the warmth, joy, and fulfillment that comes with immersing oneself in the world of Pierre & Vacances, and to understand why Pierre & Vacances is truly essential to the happiness of people not just in the present, but across generations.


produced by
Creative director
adrien pasquet