At Polvo, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring life to brands through captivating design and imaginative animations. One of our most exciting projects to date was our collaboration with mprez®. Renowned for their expertise in creating stunning presentations for world-class brands, mprez had to reinvent their own brand identity and infuse it with the warmth and camaraderie that defines their culture.

Our vision was to breathe new life and joy into their brand, infusing it with vibrant colors and captivating animated illustrations that would instantly capture the attention.

The addition of animated illustrations injected a sense of playfulness, making the brand come alive with movement and enchanting viewers with each interaction

Through our collaboration with mprez®, we not only created a stunning visual transformation but also provided them with a versatile platform to showcase and accommodate the diverse range of services they now offer, featuring a rich array of assets that are highly adaptable and poised to evolve alongside their brand's future growth.


produced by
Creative director
adrien pasquet
graphic design
maxime legrand
baptiste lebreton
léa cherbonnier
léa cherbonnier